“Al Himayah” is proud to offer its services through a highly qualified and experienced team that offers:
- Comprehensive Understanding of Local and International Markets
- Extensive Experience in UAE and the Region’s Laws and Regulations
- A Consumer-Oriented Approach that focuses on Delivering Personalized and Bespoke Solutions to Business Partners.

  • Phone: 600 546646
  •              +971 4 554 1105
  • Fax: +971 4 421 9165
  • Email: info@alhimayahuae.com

CEO Message

We trust that the purpose of Insurance is to provide protection for Individuals, Businesses and Society as a whole; from this standpoint we seek to embody and symbolize these core values in every aspect of our work ranging from policies and processes to training.

Therefore, all of our staff realize their mission and make client protection their ultimate professional goal.

The success of an Insurance Broker relies on its scientific and practical expertise in addition to risk management methods and meeting clients' needs. We, at “Al Himayah”, realize this fact and seek to allocate our regional and multinational experiences to serve our clients in a distinctive approach.

Thus we have on board a highly skilled and strong leadership team, as we intend to conduct insurance business across all lines and to the widest clients in the United Arab Emirates.

“Al Himayah” is proud to have a professional Sales Team with a rich insurance sales background. They are well equipped to assess and evaluate the insurance requirements of our clients and propose most appropriate insurance solutions. The Sales Team will be very closely supported by our savvy Technical Team who are not only insurance qualified but have solid background in underwriting and claims function in the region.

Ethics and top-notch customer service will remain at the heart of everything we shall do in our company.

Our close relationship with some leading business houses will set the stage for our growth and expansion.

The approach will be to work closely with a select group of reputed insurers who share our passion for customer service and value commitment to clients at the core of their business. We shall focus on developing a healthy and balanced business portfolio and shall leverage the expertise of reputed insurance companies in providing innovative insurance solutions. We are a new brokerage but we have a clear vision. Our business plan is ambitious and we commit ourselves to its achievement.

Badri Farkouh

Chief Executive Officer