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- Extensive Experience in UAE and the Region’s Laws and Regulations
- A Consumer-Oriented Approach that focuses on Delivering Personalized and Bespoke Solutions to Business Partners.

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Protection against death taking away a family member is not possible, but protection against the suffering from its Financial Losses is. “Al Himayah” assists you in choosing the right life insurance policy that protects the dependent family members from the consequences of losing their income provider. We help you evaluate and decide what coverage is needed against the expenses of bills, debts, daily life costs, education costs, and future dreams and ambitions. Protect your loved ones by leaving the coverage that will shield them from the financial burdens and help them carry on with their life.

A life insurance policy ensures that your family remains financially stable and secure after your death or other event, such as terminal illness or critical illness.

The future could become frightening when considering our expenditure with no income. Invest in your future by planning your after-retirement funds, and help preserve the same life style even with no income coming in. “Al Himayah” assists you in carefully planning and selecting the best suitable retirement policy that will protect your dreams, and allow you to enter your retirement years unaffected by the lack of income.

At a competitive work environment where so many professionals are competing for so few opportunities, education is the most decisive prerequisite of success. Equip your children with the education they will need to boost their careers, and help them achieve a brighter future by starting to plan their education fund. “Al Himayah” guides you through the different Educational and Insurance packages and helps you select a tailor-made-solution that fits your needs and suits your resources. We help you organize your financial resources and protect your children’s futures by helping you choose the most suitable solutions.

Personal Accident Insurance is an annual policy that provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused by accident. You can be insured under such a cover individually or as a family. It provides a 24 hour, worldwide insurance protection, that include death, permanent total & partial disability, weekly indemnity due to a temporary disability in addition to medical expenses all resulting from an accident.

We have learned repeatedly within our families’, neighbors’ and friends’ circle about left debts unsettled, when procurers meet their fate and transmit the latter to their spouses and kids.

We offer a variety of products designed to pay-off the borrower's debt in case of death or disablement, in a way to ensure the repayment of loans in such calamities.

We offer a variety of products designed to pay-off the borrower's debt in case of death or disablement, in a way to ensure the repayment of loans in such calamities.

You can opt to have the face value of the Life Insurance Policy decrease proportionally with the outstanding loan amount, as the loan is paid-off over time until both reach zero value.

These services are flexible enough to cater for all types of bank loans, such as auto, home mortgages, credit card debts, and loans coming from financial institutions and a lot more. The Reimbursement is paid in case of death, and natural or accidental permanent or total disability.

With medical expenses reaching unbearable levels, the need for medical protection has never been more immense. Protect yourself and your family from the escalating financial expenses of seeking medical care by choosing a suitable insurance package. “Al Himayah” helps you plan your insurance policy by offering customizable tailor-made packages that suits every individual’s unique needs. Our years of experience in the insurance field, along with a strong network of internationally recognized insurance partners, place us in the driving seat to offer valuable consultancy through sharing insights and information on different scenarios, and advising on the best plan that protects you.

When our beautiful families grow, financial pressures grow along with worries of future financial incapacities when stroked by a health crisis. One of an undesired outcome is being knocked by a serious illness, which can turn our lives dramatically the wrong way up.

Critical Illness Insurance is an insurance service that provides lump sum cash payment if the insured was diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses covered diseases. In that fateful episode, the insured is compensated with that lump sum to help him solve the financial repercussions on his life and loved ones.

The sum insured could be useful in covering the costs of healthcare treatments, surgeries, daily expenses, debts settlement, lost income reimbursements etc.

When traveling, whether for business or leisure, Travel Insurance offers assistance to handle the cost of any unexpected accident that might occur during your trip. The Travel Insurance Coverage can include:

  • - Medical expenses
  • - Hospitalization
  • - Loss of registered luggage
  • - Repatriation of the mortal in case of death
  • - Flight cancellation indemnity.
  • - Travel information services
  • - Referral to medical correspondents abroad
  • - Return of dependent children
  • - Transportation to join member
  • - Transport or repatriation of the insured in case of illness or injury.

Protect your investment, your safety and your passengers’ safety and protect yourself against other liabilities by choosing the right motor insurance policy that best suits you. Our consultants will help you choose and personalize with you a package that best suits your needs; they will also guide you to understand the implementation of each in order to make your selection of your insurance package. Enjoy your ride while resting assured from the dangers of accident damage, fire, and theft, and allow the insurance experts to guide you through the different options in order to choose the plan that offers protection to your vehicle.

Not only are our well trained sales team ready to cater to your different motor insurance needs, by offering their advice and expertise on what works best for you, you will also be able to benefit from “Al Himayah’s” technology oriented operations. Save your time and get an online quote, track and personalize your process online.

Our offered coverage packages include based on your selected plan:

  • - Material Damage, Bodily Injury, and Own car Damage such as Fire and Total theft, Partial Theft.
  • - Free road assistance 24/7, Replacement car in case of accident.
  • - Extension of Cover to other GCC countries depending on plan selected.

Born out of a market need for Multi risk Comprehensive Products designed to fulfill the needs of a certain niche-market for small to medium commercial enterprises, we can help you design specific packages that provide the maximum coverage in all aspects of day-to-day risks at a reasonable price, with flexibility in sums insured and conditions.

These tailor-made products designed to provide you with the option to choose what most fits your need such as specific products that cover:

  • - Home Insurance
  • - Shop And Office Insurance
  • - Restaurants
  • - Laboratory
  • - Clinic

You are an Architect, a Quantity Surveyor, a Home Inspector, a Lawyer, a Physician or an Accountant you will need a policy to cover you against potential negligence claims.

Our policies can be tailored to your needs and scope of business to cover you against claims of malpractice, and financial loss due to error or omission of the products or services sold.

Talk to our “Al Himayah” team to discuss what best fits your need and ask for an offer today.

Our team can help you tailor an insurance policy that covers Yachts, and Leisure Boats. With our strong relations with most of the insurance companies, we can offer you coverage that is extended geographically to different areas of the world.